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Post game reaction: Bordalás

"Very important win", José Bordalás said

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"I am aware that we are in a delicate situation like other teams and it was very important because of the results that had happened. We were in relegation. It was a tremendously complicated field, a Betis team on the rise, with a great game, with Europe achieved. We are in a decisive moment, the teams do not give up, nobody gives up, it will be the trend until the last minute", Bordalás said after the game.

"For us it was a very important victory, but with our feet on the ground. There is no difference in the lower zone, we have to keep rowing. We took over a team in intensive care and little by little we are trying to rehabilitate it and get it out of that situation. I haven't made numbers, I have talked to the guys. I only arrived a few days ago, in a critical situation. There is no time to make numbers. Aware of the situation, we must not look beyond the immediate. We haven't achieved anything, now we have to recover well", he said.