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Ángel Torres: “No intention of selling players"

The president discussed with the media all topics of interest

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“It is the objective we have, some years we suffer more, other years we suffer less. The truth is to be better than last year, to get more points than last season”, said Ángel Torres to mass media. The president discussed all topics of interest. “I don't know, if it's not Pepe, it'll be someone else, Getafe won't be without a coach. I'll be back from Villarreal on Sunday, and on Monday I must have a coach”, said Torres. “I don't know, if Real Madrid is interested in David Soria. I doubt it very much, because I have a good relation with them. I'll go one of these days to visit them, first to notify them, that Latasa will stay with us”, told Ángel Torres about the players.