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Getafe CF against violence, racism, xenophobia and intolerance in sport.

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Getafe C.F. wants to express its total disapproval of the derogatory and intolerant chants, insults of particular gravity, which have been occurring with recurrence, during the disputed days of the National Championship of LaLiga EASports and that damage the image and also the morale of our players and coaches.

Insulting chants, out of any civic context, aggravated with criticism that we respect as freedom of expression, from a sporting point of view, but that we do NOT share when that critical current is attributed with derogatory epithets, insults and disrespect to the members of the staff and coaching staff of Getafe CF. Likewise, we ask for comradeship, with their statements, among the actors that make up the passionate world of soccer.

We cannot remain immobile and as mere observers, especially when this current of opinion seeks to condition the refereeing collective and its possible decision making. A behavior, reiterated in this start of LaLiga EASports that we observe with incredulity and that is out of all place.

The players and coaches of Getafe CF, as professionals of the highest level, participate in this show and are aware of the media loudspeaker that playing in the best league in the world represents. But, beyond that, they are people with feelings, who have family and friends who suffer with them and deserve a respect that we ask for without fissures in this communiqué.

All this seriously damages the image of our Club, the Competition and the professionals who are part of it. 

Getafe CF has ALWAYS been known for being a team that respects organizations, rivals and other members of the soccer world. But, seeing the seriousness of the facts, the time has come to raise our voice and defend the honorability of our players and coaches.


Getafe CF against violence, racism, xenophobia and intolerance in sport.