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Coaches in First Division

Since Getafe C.F., SAD is in the First Division, there have been many names, and closely related to football, who have been directing the azulón team. Men who have given many afternoons of glory and enjoyment to the Getafe fans.


Enrique Sánchez Flores

For the debut in the First Division, Quique Sánchez Flores was entrusted as coach. Under his leadership the team had a great season, achieving the goal of salvation several rounds ahead of time, and winning at the Coliseum over Valencia, the current Liga champions that year, and Real Madrid. At the end of the year Quique joined Valencia. However, he returned halfway through the 2014/15 season to train with Getafe again.


Bernd Schuster

Known among the Spanish fans for his time as a player in La Liga, he had barely trained one season in the top flight when he arrived at Getafe. His two seasons at the head of the club resulted in two 9th places in the table and a runner-up spot in Copa del Rey in 2007.


Michael Laudrup

Laudrup took over the club in the year of its European debut. It was a season to be remembered by the Getafe fans who saw the team beat Tottenham Hotspur in White Hart line, Benfica at Da Luz Stadium and Bayern Munich at the Allianz Arena. In addition, the King's Cup final was reached again.


Víctor Muñoz

With a long career on the bench came Victor Muñoz at the Coliseum. The coach trained Getafe in the season 2008/09. He was substituted by Michel with five matchdays left in the championship.


José Miguel González "Michel"

Michel arrived at Getafe in a complicated situation. However, the coach from Madrid achieved the goal of salvation on the last agonizing day and renewed his bond with the club. The next season he got the best classification in the first division: sixth place. His last season at the head of Getafe was in 2010/11, when Getafe played in Europe again.


Luis Garcia

Like Bernd Schuster, Luis García arrived to Getafe from Levante. His debut in the season 2011/12 ended with a comfortable stay. In the season 2012/13 the team reached the last round with options of qualifying for Europe. He finished his time as a coach of the club in 2013/14.


Cosmin Contra

He took over the club in the final stretch of the 2013/14 season. He achieved a long-suffering salvation with a victory in Vallecas on the last day. The following season he settled the team in the middle of the table.


Pablo Franco

He assumed the position of the coach in the last matches of La Liga 2014/15 promoting Getafe B, that he was directing in Segunda B. He managed to keep the team in the first division at the end of the season.


Fran Escribá

Fran Escribá joined Getafe as a coach for the 2015/16 season. In the last matches he was replaced by Esnáider.


Juan Eduardo Esnáider

He arrived at Getafe in 2015/16, although the team experienced an improvement of results with his arrival, at the end of the season the relegation was consummated. He left the club in the season 2016/17.


José Bordalas

Bordalás signed for Getafe after the beginning of the season 2016/17. The coach from Alicante managed to turn the situation around with his arrival, as the club was in the penultimate position at that time. He finished in the third place and got the promotion to La Liga in the play-offs against Tenerife. He renewed his bond with the team, making a magnificent season in the year of the return to first division, which was concluded in eighth position.