17 / ago. / 2021

Yibai Sports signs as Getafe's new sponsor

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Getafe CF

Yibai Sports signs as Getafe

Recently, Yibai Sports and Getafe Club de Fútbol officially announced the partnership. The two parties will carry out a two-year strategic collaboration. Yibai Sports, as the official regional strategic partner of Getafe, will work together with Getafe to create a model of cross-border cooperation in the sports and entertainment industry and build miracles together.


Since its establishment, Yibai Sports has developed the path of providing professional event information and online sports and entertainment-related content for the majority of users, always insisting on user-centeredness and creating more value for users. In recent years, Yibai Sports upholds the core tenet of technological innovation as the vitality of the brand, and has gradually developed into the leading sports communication platform in Asia with its own excellent and leading products and strong market appeal, becoming the leader in the sports entertainment industry and winning the love of many users.


With the increasing influence of Yibai Sports, it is believed that the two parties will introduce diversified event experiences for fans and bring more high-end and high-quality services and enjoyment in this cooperation. The director of Getafe Football Club said that the brand culture and corporate philosophy of the two sides are very compatible, I believe that the cooperation will bring more surprises to the fans, and I hope that through Yibai Sports can increase the interaction with the fans in Asia and develop the Asian market.


The spokesperson of Yibai Sports said that it is a great honor to be the regional partner of Getafe, which has a high influence in the world and a strong cultural heritage of the team. We are confident of the success of this partnership and look forward to more and more fans joining us.


In recent years, Yibai Sports has been playing a leading role in the continuous development of sports and entertainment. In this cross-border cooperation, we can fully feel the sincerity of both partners, and the strong union between Yibai Sports and Getafe will surely create more exciting sparks and further enhance the international influence of both brands.

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